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K-C Raceway Buckeye 100 Champs- Steve Casebolt, Jr, Danny Smith, Doug Adkins, Jamie Adams Kids Bike Night next week! Bike Racing!

K-C Raceway Results


By Scott Wolfe CHILLICOTHE, OHIO- Four champions went down in the history books in the revived running of the Budweiser "Buckeye 100" Saturday night at Jeff and Vicki Schrader's K-C Raceway were Richmond, Indiana driver Steve Casebolt, Jr. (AMRA Late Models), Danny Smith (410 Sprints), Doug Adkins (AMRA Modifieds), and Jamie Adams (Hobby Stocks) claimed dramatic feature wins. In the tradition of the old Atomic Speedway cornerstone race, the "Buckeye 100", K-C featured 100 exciting laps of feature racing. Saturday, May 15 K-C hosts Pepsi-Kids Bike Night with bicycle racing in four divisions and all four classes of racing cars. Dash winner Duane Chamberlain and Steve Casebolt, Jr. paced the AMRA Late Model field to starter Daryl Owens' green flag with Casebolt quickly jumping into a commanding lead. Chamberlain and R.J. Conley followed in close pursuit as another battle developed between Jason Montgomery and Greggie Oliver for 5th. That duo was then pressed hard by hard-charging Bart Hartman in Mark Frazier's 9F. Oliver brought out the first caution on lap 14 after Casebolt had lapped five of the cars on the tail. The field was again slowed with Mike Bore sand Mike Wilson brought out cautions. From that point on Casebolt restarted with authority as close action took place for second between Chamberlain and Conley. Delmas Conley moved into fifth position on lap 18, and then something apparently broke on points' leader R.J. Conley's mount sending him hard, head-long into the turn four tire barrier. Conley emerged only shaken, but his Rocket was in need of major reconstruction before the next launch. Driving a steady race, Swartz took over seventh from Oliver and on lap 22 Scott Wolfe began to pressure Kenny Christy for 8th. Buckeye 100 Champ Casebolt worked traffic first to the line, while Chamberlain rode the high side to edge Hartman in a very close second place run. Behind third place Hartman were Jason Montgomery, Delmas Conley, Audie Swartz, Greggie Oliver, Kenny Christy, Scott Wolfe, and Dean Boyd. Boyd was the hard charger in a 15th to 10th place run.

Former Danville, IN driver and one of the Icons of modern day sprint car racing, Danny Smith, now of Chillicothe, Ohio is two things: Smooth and Fast! The two ingredients proved to be the winning recipe in Smith's second win of the weekend and 4 of 5 wins on the local racing scene in 2010. Now, as Buckeye 100 champ, Smith adds a new gem to his crown. Adam Strausser pressed hard to get a win for his longtime crew chief and relative Charlie McCann, a K-C Hall of Famer who fell victim to cancer last week. Strausser claimed the dash in high-flying fashion, but at the drop of the green in the feature Smith blasted off and toured the outer limits of the ozone layer in a flawless green-to-checkered run. Second generation driver Kody Kinser (offspring to Kelly) fell into second, while Jimmy Nier worked his way through the field for a fight with Strausser. Josh Davis was on the move, but his driver from 10th to 5th stalled in the laps of Strausser, Nier, and an oncoming Cole Duncan. Strausser was able to take a closer look into second as Nier settled into fourth. Four laps later Nier pressed hard on the low side of Strausser with some help from lapped traffic. With Smith well out in front, Nier took over third on lap 23 and Duncan took over 5th from Davis, then added Strausser to the victim list in a great run through the pack. Nick Naber and Jimmy Stinson came on strong at the finish, while Keith Baxter put the Charlie Brown #99 in a top ten run. Newcomer from the North, Kevin Lee, who had a strong second place to Naber in the heat, had a strong run into the money. Rounding out the top ten were Smith, Kinser, Nier, Duncan, Strausser, Davis, Stinson, Naber, Keith Baxter, and Kevin Lee. Davis was the hard-charger of the race. The "Buzzard" Doug Adkins flew into town for his second K-C AMRA Advanced Services modified win of the year and let no shettlings for the rest of the field. Adkins, one of the premier modified drivers of the region, has four top-five's at K-C and is now the points leader in claiming the Buckeye 100 win. Adkins cause was not easy. Jason Montgomery squeezed every ounce of horsepower from his #X mount, giving early challenges to Adkins. Kenny Johnson then came onto the scene as the former AMRA champ made it a torrid three way battle. Montgomery and Johnson's fight for second gave Adkins a little breathing room as Johnson finally nailed down the runner up slot. Moving up through the pack, Doug Betts came from 21st to 10th and Fireball Pinkerton came from 16th to 9th in wall scraping, nail-biting exciting runs. Explosive back-in-the-pack action emerged from Adam Colley, Adam Jordan, Tim Tribby, Brian Whiteman, and Robin Duston--all top point men-- who dueled for position much of the night. When all was said and done, Adkins said, "We're just having fun right now!" The statement didn't do justice to the fun and thrills the veteran gave to the crowd as he racked up a win ahead of top-tenners Johnson, Montgomery, Adam Colley, Adam Jordan, Tim Tribby, Brian Whiteman, Robin Duston, Dave Fireball Pinkerton, and Doug Betts. Joe Buskirk and Brandon Thompson are close--really close to feature wins. But for the time being, the master of the Dan Reno Hobby Stock division and car-builder extraordinaire Jamie Adams is the 'King of the Hill' and the Buckeye Champion. Buskirk and Thompson went two-wide looking for some way to get around the veteran Adams. Thompson went low, Buskirk high and at some points locked to Adams back bumper. Adams knew where to be and carried the momentum to his fourth K-C win of the year. Rounding out the top ten were Adams, Buskirk, Thompson, Brandon Mather, Joe Williams, Bruce Gray, Jr., Jim Hildebrand, Mike Brust, Justin Poling, and Jayme Dailey. Next week will be the a regular night of racing with four divisions, featuring the 410 outlaw sprints with Late Models, Modifieds, and Hobby Stocks and a kids special fun night with Pepsi Bike Racing. All Kids are welcome ages 0-16. For more information please call 740-663-4141 or visit the K-C website at << www.kc-raceway.com >> K-C Raceway is located 12 miles South of Chillicothe, Ohio off SR 23, two miles out Blain Highway between Chillicothe, Ohio and Waverly, Ohio at Alma. Or contact the AMRA at where more details can be acquired by visiting << www.maltawindows.net >> on the web or visiting << http://www.amramodified.com >>

The summary- May 8, 2010

Goodyear 410 Sprints (20)

Fast Time- Jim Stinson 12.385

Dash- Adam Strausser, Danny Smith, Kody Kinser, Cole Duncan, Jim Stinson, Jim Nier

Heat One- 1. Nick Naber, 2. Kevin Lee[2], 3. Shaun Valenti, Bryce Dickson, Mark Imler, Alec Martin, Randy Fink

Heat Two- 1. Brian Smith, 2. Josh Davis, 3. Keith Baxter, Wes McGlumphy, Pete Ishi, Sam Ashworth

Feature- 1. Danny Smith, 2. Kody Kinser, 3. Jim Nier, 4. Cole Duncan, 5. Adam Strausser, 6. Josh Davis, 7. Jim Stinson, 8. Nick Nabor, 9. Keith Baxter, 10. Kevin Lee[9], Brian Smith, Shaun Valenti, Bryce Dickson, Mark Imler, Alec Martin, Randy Fink, Wes McGlumphy, Pete Ischi, Sam Ashworth, B.P. Hickel Hard Charger: Josh Davis 10th to 6th

AMRA Late Models (16) Fast Time: Duane Chamberlain 14:540 WPAY Dash-Duane Chamberlain, Steve Casebolt, RJ Conley, Greggie Oliver, Jason Montgomery, Kenny Christy Heat One-Bart Hartman, Delmas Conley, Mike Wilson, Audie Swartz, Mike Bores, Scott Wolfe, Billy Gullion, Kenny Spensor, Dean Boyd, Bob Ramey Feature-Steve Casebolt, Duane Chamberlain, Bart Hartman, Jason Montgomery, Delmas Conley, Audie Swartz, Greggie Oliver, Kenny Christy, Scott Wolfe, Dean Boyd, Billy Gullion, Kenny Spencer, Bob Ramey, R.J. Conley, Mike Morris, Mike Wilson Hard Charger: Dean Boyd 15th to 10th

AMRA Advanced Services Modifieds (34) Heat One-Greg Anderson, Adam Colley, Kevin Coper, Mark Bailey, Fireball Pinkerton, Fred Hardbarger, Steve Clemmons, Sean Schobelock, Jeff Conrad Heat Two-Jason Montgomery, Brian Whiteman, Robin Duston, Eric Arledge, Tony Journey, Doug Betts, T.J. Harper, Hoyt Reynolds, Bob Crace,Jr. Heat Three- Doug Adkins, Tim Tribby, Phillip Bapst, C.D. Judd, John Arthurs, Jason Cotrill, Rick Neace, Bud Thornsberry Heat Four-Kenny Johnson, Lonnie Kidd, Adam Jordan, Bud Frazier, Jeremy Rayburn, Chuck Yeley, Adam Lawson, Brian Moore B-Main: Fireball Pinkerton, Sean Schobelock, Bob Crace Jr, Fred Hardbarger, Jeff Conrad, Tony Journey, T.J. Harper, Steve Clemmons, Hoyt Reynolds, Doug Betts B-Main Two:Jeremy Rayburn, Adam Lawson, Chuck Yeley, John Arthurs, Rick Neace, Brian Moore, Jason Cottrill, Bud Thornsberry Feature-Doug Adkins, Kenny Johnson, Jason Montgomery, Adam Colley, Adam Jordan, Tim Tribby, Brian Whiteman, Robin Duston, Dave Fireball Pinkerton, Doug Betts, Lonnie Kidd, Sean Schobelock, Jeremy Rayburn, Kevin Coper, Adam Lawson, Eric Arledge, Greg Anderson, C.D. Judd, Mark Bailey, Phillip Bapst. Hard Charger: Doug Betts 21st to 10th (Fireball Pinkerton-16th to 9th)

Dan Reno Hobby Stocks (21) Heat One-Brandon Thompson, Shane Pendelton, Bruce Gray Jr., Joe Williams, Courtney Fisher, Richard Trego, Butch Eblin Heat Two-Tommy Mossbarger, Jim Hildebrand, Joe Buskirk, Jayme Dailey, Justin Poling, Duane Ackley, Jason Holstein Heat Three-Jamey Adams, Brandon Mather, Tim Culter, Mike Brust, Warren Ison, Keith Dubois, Sam Parks Feature-Jamey Adams, Joe Buskirk, Brandon Thompson, Brandon Mather, Joe Williams, Bruce Gray, Jr., Jim Hildebrand, Mike Brust, Justin Poling, Jayme Dailey, Richard Trego, Butch Eblin, Sam Parks, Tim Cutler, Shane Pendleton, Duane Ackley, Keith Dubois, Courtney Fisher, Tommy Mossbarger, Warren Ison, Jason Holstein

Sprint Car Points Danny Smith 108 Jimmy Stinson 89 Adam Strausser 86 Nick Naber 86 Josh Davis 84 Jimmy Nier 78 Keith Baxter 76 Cole Duncan 71 Randy Fink 65 Bryce Dickson 61 Sam Ashworth 53 Kody Kinser 51 Todd Kane 50 Kory Crabtree 48 Cale Conley 47 Ed Neumeister 43 Brian Smith 40 Kevin Lee 40 Sheldon Hauderschild 39 Shaun Valenti 37 Danny Holtgraver 35

Late Model Points Jason Montgomery 191 R. J. Conley 187 Greggie Oliver 178 Audie Swartz 169 Delmas Conley 168 Kenny Christy 159 Billy Gullion 140 Mike Wilson 135 Mark Frazier 108 Steve Casebolt 105 Basrt HArtman 102 Dean Boyd 94 Rod Conley 87 Kenny Spencer 85 Duane Chamberlain 84 Azch Dohm 72 Josh Tidwell 72 Donnie Moran 71 ScottWolfe 64 Eddie Carrier, Jr.

Modified Points Doug Adkins 209 Brian Whiteman 174 Jason Montgomery 165 DavidPinkerton 154 Robin Duston 146 Jeremy Rayburn 145 Bob Crace, Jr. 137 Doug Betts132 Rob Stambaugh 132 Kenny Johnson 128 Adam Jordan 105 Jason Cottrill 105 Bobby Kitchen 104 Clint Keenan 98 Sean Schobelock 94 Bud Frazier 94 Hoyt Reynolds 92 Adam Lawson 91 C.D. Judd 91 Josh Edmisten 91

Hobby Stock Points

Jamey Adams 219 Brandon Thompson 191 TommyMossbarger 184 Joe Williams 179 Joe Buskirk164 Jayme Dailey 161 Mike Brust 167 Brandon Mather 147 Jim Hildebrand 142 Richard Trego 137 Tim Cutler 135 Burcke Gray, Jr. 126 Justin Poling 116 Duane Ackley 111 Tracey Ross 94 Steve Burrow 90 Courtney Fisher 87 Keith Dubois 67 Sam Pakrs 54 Jason Holstein 50

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